Dr. Maylin Gonzalez, O.D. established Eyed LA in the fall of 2012 in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. She has worked in Optical shops since the age of fifteen, optics propelled her forward to the New England College of Optometry in Boston. For years she gained experience as a doctor in New York City, still she hungered for sunshine. Los Angeles represented environmental awareness, technological ingenuity and promoted healthier lifestyles; an absolute perfect match for Dr. Gonzalez. The bilingual doctor loves to spread her knowledge of optics with practical terms and is aware that humor will always inspire better listening and learning from her patients. When she’s not poking eyes, her favorite past time is cooking for her loved ones, discovering new restaurants and exercising to keep up with the first two hobbies.

Donovan Baptiste is a charismatic health and wellness enthusiast who has grown an intense love for the world of optics. Since joining the Eyed LA team his knowledge with insurance companies has grown exponentially and his ability to educate patients on all lens upgrades and frame materials has resulted in exceptional patient satisfaction . When Donovan isn't obsessing about the optical world he plays lots of PlayStation 4, watches Japanese animation, and cooks for his loving partner.

Joela 'Joe' Canlas is a Health Science major who has always felt a sense of duty in assisting others to improve their well being. To compliment her passion for healthcare and her fascination for the visual system, Joe joined the Eyed LA team in the summer of 2016. Joe's sense of urgency to deliver assistance to all patients allows her to resolve any administrative obstacle, ease patient's worries through out the exam process along with providing exceptional service in a prompt and thorough manner. On her days away from the Eyed LA team, she loves to volunteer in hospitals, indulge on delicious churros, and watch gory horror films.

Thea has been styling Eyed LA since its conception in early 2012 as the Interior Decorator and now holds the title of Creative Director. A graduate from Mount Holyoke College with a degree in Arts, Thea has been styling clients and spaces since 2006. Thea's philosophy when creating an image is to start from the ground and build the desire of the client with impeccable design, high functionality and recognizable style. When Thea isn't recreating brands or styling individuals she is creating art, dining around town to find the perfect dumpling and helping to inspire others to love themselves through style.